About Shanti

Shanti Rahal is a Shaman, Performer, Singer/Songwriter with 4 CD Albums and has held Playshops right around Australia and O/seas for the past 30+ years.

She has travelled extensively and worked together with Indigenous people including Bali, Indonesia, North Africa, Fiji, Samoa, Egypt and Israel. In Australia has connected up and sung with the Bundjulung in NSW, Pitantjara in NT. The Gubbi Gubbi Tjapakia and the Butchulla people from Fraser Island.

She sings in more than 40 languages and English is her 3rd language. Shanti stems from a musical background in Austria and has since studied Harmonics, Toning and Healing. Her vision is to bring Peace, Joy and Harmony through the use of Sound to the whole world.

Shanti now teaches how to make Medicine Drums made with animal hides. Medicine drums are used for Sacred Ceremonies, Rituals and Celebrations. Participants will be shown how to not only make the instrument, but also how to play various drumming patterns and rhythms.